Why recommend Freedom Surf Camps to a friend?

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surf camp for kids in los angeles

Olive (10) & Luca (7): It’s a really great camp. The teachers instruct the surfing really well. it’s fun and you can make lots of friend. Because you get on the wave and go “Weeehoooo” (Luca’s words). You go every day to camp and get the hang of surfing – you try, try and try again Sloan (10): Why recommend … Read More

From Surf Camp to Surf Contest

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Just before Steve Gaffney snapped the photo at the South Bay Boarder Riders contest, Lucia (pictured) and I had a disappointing first heat. We struggled to catch good waves, and just as the heat buzzer went off, we hadn’t managed to ride a single wave. Lucia did catch a great wave after the buzzer, but unfortunately, it didn’t count towards … Read More

Are you enjoying yourself? why?

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Are you enjoying yourself? Why? My curiosity often surprises kids, as a simple “yes” doesn’t always satisfy me. A surprised individual gains deeper insight, responding unprepared for the unexpected. These moments are elevated at Surf Camp, where the fun environment encourages limitless self-exploration throughout nature. Every step in life aims for inner peace. The paradox of operating for peace can … Read More

Backcountry log : Solitude 2024

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The forecast hinted at a rainy week in LA, but Utah promised cold weather with just enough snow for a safe backcountry adventure. A quick message to mentors Brian & Suzy at Brighton, and I’m on a plane to Salt Lake City, followed by a VIP pickup to their cozy shack. Suzy ensures I have all safety gear for tomorrow: … Read More

Winter 2024 we are ready to shred

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Winter is coming … haha and we are Super Stoked !  Winter is on the horizon, and we’re eagerly anticipating the 2024 weekends filled with exciting new snow adventures alongside the Freedom Snow riders. This year, we’re preparing for at least two family days—an ideal opportunity for individuals aged 4 to 70 to delve into skiing and snowboarding under the … Read More

Welcome to the Freedom Surf Team

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Did you get the invitation? If yes, Congratulation you are ON the way to become a blue rushgard and an ocean ambassador by the Freedom Surf Team. The Freedom approach At Freedom, we view our team as a personal unique experience. We foster a non-competitive environment that sets us apart from traditional team sports. Our focus is on personal ocean … Read More

Surf It Back by Gilad Lewandowski

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Every day we make choices and hope to improve our lives, sometimes we think hard and sometimes we naturally see a path. From time to time we have the opportunity to help others take their next steps in life and that feeling can be so uplifting, it can feel better than helping ourselves.  We frequently give back to our family, … Read More

Inspiring Sparks to start the morning

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Inspiring Sparks to start the morning

Spring Break of 2022 was not looking like it was going to be our best. The week started with the last big rain of the winter so we had to delay camp by 3 days. We did not have a lot of kids, it was a high tide on a beach break, and the weather was not ideal. Nick and … Read More

Surf trips with Freedom for the whole family

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Freedom surf camps surf trips and adventure

Surf trips always sound exotic and full of fun. As a surfer I am always looking for the next trip to take in Central America, the Maldives, or the North Shore of Oahu. It is the adventure every surfer dreams and longs for. A surf trip can sound like a very spur of the moment and exciting experience, but it … Read More

Big wave surf session by Razz Lee

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surf camp for kids los angeles

We got out of the car and walked down to where the rest of the surf club met on a green patch of grass. We were at Manhattan beach, one of the three locations that the surf club met, and the most common one. As I walked down to the surf club I looked out to the ocean. Boom! My … Read More