Winter 2024 we are ready to shred

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Winter is coming … haha and we are Super Stoked !  Winter is on the horizon, and we’re eagerly anticipating the 2024 weekends filled with exciting new snow adventures alongside the Freedom Snow riders. This year, we’re preparing for at least two family days—an ideal opportunity for individuals aged 4 to 70 to delve into skiing and snowboarding under the … Read More

Welcome to the Freedom Surf Team

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Did you get the invitation? If yes, Congratulation you are ON the way to become a blue rushgard and an ocean ambassador by the Freedom Surf Team. The Freedom approach At Freedom, we view our team as a personal unique experience. We foster a non-competitive environment that sets us apart from traditional team sports. Our focus is on personal ocean … Read More

The Jackson Hole Experience

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Jackson hole skiing steep & deep

“I never thought I would fall in love with a mountain”. I remember saying these words when I first left JH after a whole season of snowboarding – I think that was the winter of 1994. Now I return to JH every year for at least a few days of shredding the snow and for a few days in summer, … Read More

Mammoth Teen shred trip – by Gilad Lewandowski

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Mammoth Teen shred trip - by Gilad Lewandowski

It takes guts to get out of your comfort zone anytime, but as humans, we must do it so we can remind ourselves that we are not machines with ON/OFF switches. Getting out of the box is essential for creating memories and this adventure made another dream happen. I was missing the mountain so much I couldn’t wait for FSR 2020. My mind … Read More

Surfing is a tool for life !

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A bit about Freedom “Freedom Surf and Snow was born out of the true passion of being outdoors. Gilad Lewandovski, the founder, always found himself asking the question: “How can I spend more time where I feel the ultimate Freedom?” He realized the answer: “Getting the opportunity to share the journey with stoked humans. Falling in love with teaching was really … Read More

Surfing Girls & California Sunsets

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Yes, we have to go to school … Yes, we need to do our homework … but, if nature gives you a gift like the ocean – we are sure to say Yes, we have to experience this gift at least few times a week. The Freedom After School Programs is all about the ocean year around. When was the … Read More