1. We review water safety, ocean, and wave knowledge every day, with every student. We cover wave , swell, and current direction and size. Rip tide recognition, and exit – Self rescue techniques. Learn to read the Ocean only by Surf Camp director.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Apply sun screen twice or more daily.
  4. Never go to the bathroom alone.
  5. Don’t go beyond the camp boundaries.
  6. Clean up your beach before you leave. Leave the beach cleaner than you found it.
  7. We have a keep your hands on your own body rule.
  8. Never ever throw sand or pull any bodies hair.
  9. Please stay between the two life guarded swim flags, when body boarding, and body surfing.
  10. Bullies will not be tolerated.
  11. Punishment for infractions may result in push ups, sit ups, or soft sand run.
  12. After 3 of the same infractions, children will be picked up by their parents for the remainder of the day.
  • Camp Boundaries – Our camp boundaries are imaginary lines drawn from the Bike path to the water, north and south of the Lifeguard tower. This helps both the lifeguards and staff members recognize if either campers are outside the camp or if the public comes into the camp.
  • Sun Screen – we require parents to liberally apply sun screen to their children prior to arriving to camp. We then have mandatory counselor assisted sunscreen re-application using SPF 45 before campers are aloud to eat their lunch. We re apply sunscreen in the afternoon again coming out of the water. This is when they are still susceptible to burns.
  • Shade – Shade is very important aspect for consideration when children are playing out side, and there is plenty to be found under our 2 or three, 10′ by 10′ canopies. To encourage the children to us the canopies we have a variety of games, and activities based underneath them.
  • Fluids – With sunscreen and shade, hydration is the third key for happy campers. We ask that the camper’s bring their own fluids, food or money to go to the store twice a day, for snack break, or lunch. At Manhattan Beach only. All camps have fresh bottled water available.
  • Brightly colored Camp Uniforms – All campers must wear our Freedom rash guards for easy identification by our staff and lifeguards. This is a requirement. It is is imperative that we be able to quickly spot any campers who are associated with Freedom.
  • Security Guards – All Freedom staff is trained to scan the camp area frequently to make sure campers do not go beyond our boundaries at any time and also to make sure that no one from the public enters our camp without first checking in with our management staff. Instructors are recognized by there red Freedom specialist Red Rushguards.