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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our program catering to kids on the autism spectrum (or with disabilities) who yearn to integrate the ocean into their lives. Our ultimate goal? Simply having fun! With the ocean’s transformative magic at play, we’re here to ensure safety, provide the necessary tools, and infuse every moment with our unwavering commitment to the journey.

For over 20 years we’ve been connecting children with the ocean through surfing.  

We are grateful for the opportunity and committed to the challenge & the experience.  

Surfing as a Therapeutic Outlet

Surfing offers a range of therapeutic benefits that can be extremely valuable for individuals with autism (or disabilities).

Here are some ways in which surfing can be therapeutic:

1.  Sensory Integration: Autism often involves sensory processing challenges. The feel of the water, the sound of the waves, and the sensation of riding a surfboard can help individuals with autism develop sensory integration skills. This can lead to improved sensory processing and self-regulation.

2.  Enhancing Motor Skills: Surfing requires coordination, balance, and motor skills. For individuals with autism, who may struggle with these areas, surfing can serve as a fun and engaging way to develop and refine these abilities.

3.  Communication and Social Interaction: Surfing sessions are conducted in groups with instructors, providing an opportunity for individuals with autism to engage in social interactions. Effective communication and collaboration are essential for safe surfing, making it a natural platform for social growth.

4.  Boosting Confidence: Mastering the art of surfing can be incredibly empowering for individuals with autism. Success in this physically demanding activity can boost self-esteem and confidence, leading to overall improvements in well-being.

Naomi Matanick

I am a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in sensory integration therapy, surf therapy,
infant, and child development. Kids are amazing and dynamic individuals. Yet, they have a lot to
conquer. In my years of experience, I have served infants to early adolescents in a variety of
areas including sensory integration, physical and emotional regulation, and acquisition of vital
motor milestones. My mission is for each caregiver and child to feel understood and empowered
as they are equipped with life-long tools. My passion is to see children feel joy as they playfully
develop a strong identity and sense of self through the skills and knowledge they have obtained.
My work in surf therapy uses the elements of the sand, ocean, and surfboard as a catalyst to
achieve child centered goals. Both the ocean and surfboard create a powerful avenue for children
to overcome challenges and build confidence and autonomy

Gilad Lewandovski

I feel,

That life is an opportunity to challenge our minds and body through exploring our universe and sharing your experience with the people around you.

I experienced the ocean at a young age and it was always my safe place to go to when things did not go my way. As a young swimmer, I found that the ocean’s environment never judged me, and always gave me a space to experience nature and the value in discovering my pure-self.

Today I don’t miss any opportunity to be in or around the ocean either swimming, teaching, surfing or just walking on the beach with my wife.

I founded Freedom to share the passion I discovered in the ocean, and to keep myself in a place where I am fulfilling my best life’s potential. The Freedom Surf, Snow & Adventures programs are specifically designed to share my passion for life through the amazing tools and challenges the elements can provide. At Freedom we do this by utilizing the outdoors and the ocean as a platform to explore our abilities as individuals, teamwork, leadership, and the environment around us.

I believe that this knowledge can’t be learned in a classroom and the only way to explore it is to experience it firsthand.

If you’d like to know what kind of ice cream I like … meet me in the lineup! Between set waves we have “a lot” of time to talk! haha 😉