For more than 20 years, the Freedom Snow Riders—aka FSR—have been on a mission to introduce kids, teens and their families to the skiing and snowboarding experience. Why not take advantage of the gift of living in Southern California, where we can access great winter sports a two-hour drive away?

Whether you’re sending your kid/s with us, or bringing the entire family, the Freedom Riders are all about building a sense of togetherness by spreading the feeling of being stoked on the mountain with our riders, no matter what age or level!


Our program starts on the first weekend of January and provides five Sundays of all-exclusive snow day instruction.

Winter 2020 dates:

1st. snow trip – 1/12/20 – Done

2nd. snow trip – 1/26/20 – Done

3rd. snow day trip – 2/9/20 – Done

4th. snow day trip – 2/23/20

5th. snow day trip – 3/1/20


Full program  5 day-trips $975

Single snow trip  $225

The Snow Bus will pick up and drop off at the following locations:

San Fernando Valley at 6:00 am at Woodland Hills

West LA at 6:30 am at Olympic Blvd. / Sepulveda Blvd.

The FSR Program

The FSR program focuses on bringing every rider to his/her next level of skiing or snowboarding guided by certified instructors in a safe environment. Our instructors are trained to help beginners experience a great first day; or if you’ve already got your snow legs, our instructors can guide you to the steepest black diamonds for the free-ride of your life. Our freestyle program will teach you how to spin, do Ollies, ride boxes, and enjoy all the other fun things you can do in the park. Our teaching style takes you step-by-step through the skills you need to experience the best vibes on the mountain.

We create groups of students with similar skill levels and ages, believing that learning is more exciting as a group. The Freedom Riders teaching process and program is highly individualized. Each rider’s skills are tracked in his or her own personalized Rider’s Report, which helps instructors understand and track the rider’s progress, challenges, and competencies. This way, the transition between instructors and levels is seamless, and riders advance to the level they aspire to, with the help, knowledge, and experience of Gilad Lewandovski, Program Director and Level 3 snowboard instructor.

A typical snow day includes:

  1. Round-trip transportation on a luxury bus
  2. Movies on the way
  3. Full-day instruction by certified ski/snowboard instructors
  4. Full mountain Big Bear/Snow Summit lift pass
  5. Helmet (only for full program registration/5 sessions)
  6. Adult supervision
  7. Pizza and drinks on the way back from the mountain


Home base – Bear Mountain, California

There is so much to say about our amazing local mountain spot, Bear Mountain. Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, only two hours from LA, Bear Mountain is the perfect snow resort destination for skiing and snowboarding for the whole family. Whether it’s your first day on the snow, or you are training for the next X-Games—you will find the greatest, most advanced terrains built and designed to meet your current riding level.

The Freedom Snow Riders have been part of the Bear Mountain family for the last 12 years. We work closely with the local ski and snowboarding school to meet the needs of the FSR riders, challenging them to become responsible riders through our attentive instruction.


Each rider is responsible to be 100% ready with his/her equipment. The rider has a few options for renting the gear:

We think the best way to go is to buy the equipment at LTD Sport. You can return it after using it (season or two) and get half of the price back toward buying the next size up.