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Fun at manhattan Beach surf camp

Freedom surf camps Manhattan Beach 26th street 90266

Freedom Surf Camps, Lessons & Surf Trips are all about introducing you to the truly amazing feeling one experiences when surfing in particular and to the surfing way of life style in general. With the Best surf location around Los Angeles county : Malibu, Santa Monica / Venice & Manhattan Beach. Our team instructors teach year around, first time beginners, next level competitive surfing and Junior instructor program.

Don’t say we didn’t worn, after catching your first wave there is a good chance you’ll become addicted !

Our camps are all about having a great time, forming new friendships and developing awareness under the guidance of our certified instructors there to bring you to the next level.
Although Freedom surf camps are originally designed for beginners and intermediate level, we also provide more advanced instruction for the more advanced surfers, taking each and everyone needs into account.

Santa Monica surf Camp Venice Beach Manhattan Beach

Tandam surfing with Gilad at Venice Beach 🙂

Statistics taken from previous courses show that 98% of our beginner students are capable of standing on the board within the first hour!

We use equipment designed especially to meet the needs of those just beginning to explore the wonders of surfing, including high quality different sizes of boards and full length wet suits guaranteed to keep you warm even on a “rainy” summer day… Our professional team instructors are certified Firs-Aid and CPR providers and will teach you all there is to know about ocean safety both in and out of the water.

Venice & Santa Monica (Rose Ave.), Manhattan Beach (26th St.) & Malibu (surf rider 3rd point) provide the best conditions for beginner surfers throughout the summer, complete with a sandy beach and a full view of the Malibu mountains- that’s what we would describe as a entire family kind of experience!

The Freedom Surf Camps are all about using the ocean as a tool to reach children, ages five to 14, teaching them the importance of self confidence, friendship, and respect for the outdoors. With a ratio of one certified instructor to every four kids in the water, we ensure our beach camp is the safest and friendliest environment.

_MG_0323   The camp includes:

  • Beginners & Advanced level surfing instruction
  • Use of professional soft top learning surfboards and boogie boards
  • Wetsuits
  • Courses on water safety, self rescue techniques, and ocean knowledge
  • Beach games / activities


Activities run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 pm. However, kids can arrive as early as 8:30 am and picked up as late as 3:15 pm.
With 4 sunscreen breaks and lunch, campers have a choice of either bringing their own food or ordering lunch from the local restaurant. Attendees are separated into groups by level and age, and take part in different activities: Ages 5-7 : All-around beach activities and water safety, including boogie boarding, sand sculpting, sand crabs, dodge ball, and other games. Surfing 101 only with surf camp directors only when ready !!! Ages 8-12 : Introduction to surfing, boogie boarding, water safety, and environmental education, next level surfing instruction & FREEDOM TEAM trials 🙂 Ages 13-14: Depending on skill level—all of the activities are offered with a teen approach.

Typical day at Freedom surf camp will start with:

los angeles surf camps

Taking surfing step by step with an instructor on the back of the surfboard

09:00 09:10      gathering
09:10 09:15       sunscreen application
09:15 09:35      warm up & stretching
09:35 09:50     ocean safety and method training
09:50 10:50     surf instruction
10:50 11:10       snacks & sunscreen
11:10 11:45        surf instruction
11:45 12:30      lunch & sunscreen
12:30 02:30    free surfing with the instructors
02:30 02:50   end of the day gathering
02:50 03:00   pic up from the parking lot



1 Week surf camp Venice / Santa Monica & Manhattan Beach  – $425

1 Week for a returning surfer – $410 (check or cash only)

1 Week half-day (9:00AM -12:30PM) – $345

10 days or 2 Weeks surf camp – $795

Siblings discount – 10% off

Team program ( 15 days ) – $1125

Team Program ( 20 days ) – $1480

1 Day of Surf Camp – $95

1 Day of surf camp for returning surfer – $85

1/2 day of Surf Camp – $75