The Freedom private surf experience, classes, and courses are taught on the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica/Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Malibu. The Los Angeles Bay provides surfers of all levels one of the best spots to learn. With California weather, you can surf with us year-round and reach the level of surfing you aspire to.

Nothing quite beats spending a sunny day at the beach while SURFING.

Go Private and Personal Instruction!

The FREEDOM SURF courses emphasize a comfortable progression of skills. We allow time for students to learn and master basic skills before moving on. All our instructors are certified in surfing and ocean safety to teach all levels. We are especially aware of the beginner’s needs and make certain they become comfortable in their new craft. We maintain a low 3/2/1 students-to-1 instructor ratio for all skill levels, depending on your personal needs.

We will teach you:

  1. How to paddle
  2. Correct standing
  3. How to position and catch a wave
  4. How to turn
  5. How to drop
  6. Etiquette
  7. How to read the beach/point break
  8. Safety and ocean knowledge

We provide wetsuits and surf boards for our courses. We only use top-of-the-line equipment for our lessons. To get the most from your course, we make sure you and your surfboard are compatible. Custom outfitting is one of our specialties.

You get to set your own schedule and we promise to do our very best to accommodate your needs and desires.

We spend the first 10 minutes of each lesson practicing on dry land and then, together with the instructors, we practice in the water for the remaining hour.