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Freedom Surf camps Blue Rushgurds surfers

While most of the Freedom kids at summer surf camp will receive the Yellow rashguard, your child will proudly wear their summer Freedom surf camp Blue rashguard, earned through our...
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Why recommend Freedom Surf Camps to a friend?

Olive (10) & Luca (7): It’s a really great camp. The teachers instruct the surfing really well. it’s fun and you can make lots of friend. Because you get on...
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From Surf Camp to Surf Contest

Just before Steve Gaffney snapped the photo at the South Bay Boarder Riders contest, Lucia (pictured) and I had a disappointing first heat. We struggled to catch good waves, and...
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Are you enjoying yourself? why?

Are you enjoying yourself? Why? My curiosity often surprises kids, as a simple "yes" doesn't always satisfy me. A surprised individual gains deeper insight, responding unprepared for the unexpected. These...
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Freedom Surf Camps
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Gina MistroGina Mistro
05:10 14 Jul 23
Freedom surf camp is a great experience for kids! Gilad and Nick and the other coaches truly care about all of the kids and make sure they learn ocean safety and an appreciation for the ocean. The coaches get to know each child and they don’t force any of them to swim beyond their depths. They know that some kids come to beach camp to surf all day and some come to hang out on the sand, talk to their friends, and boogie board. Gilad and his team are true mentors for the kids and they help this community to appreciate surfing and how much it can offer to kids. Our child has been a part of this camp for 5+ years and it’s helped build a ton of self confidence and pride.
miri Rmiri R
23:18 08 Jun 23
Freedom is so much more than just a surf school. It’s one of those rare places where kids (and their parents) get to experience a sense of community around a shared love for the ocean.Gilad is a gifted teacher and mentor who sees surfing as a tool in learning wider life skills. It’s amazing to watch children of all ages as they strengthen their determination muscle, and sense of responsibility with so much enjoyment and growing appreciation for the ocean.Also, being the only program in the area that offers year round, and multiple day a week classes and training- in a team setting, freedom is the only consistent program where our kids can train and advance year after year with the same coaches and team mates.I can’t say enough about how influential this program has been for my daughter’s building of character and sense of competence. Thankful for Gilad, Nick and the rest of the crew that cultivate and pass along their love and playfulness in this beautiful playground we get to enjoy 🌊🤙
18:31 08 May 23
It’s been now a year since we enrolled our daughters in the different programs and camps Freedom offers of year-round surfing and also a couple of snow trips, and we are thrilled with all the experiences so far!Gilad, Nick, and all the instructors at Freedom are passionate about nature and adventure and they have done a good job of instilling this love in our girls. We have seen noticeable improvement in our daughters' surfing abilities since joining the program, and they seem to enjoy every minute of their time with the Freedom Team.We appreciate the care and attention that the instructors (specially Gilad and Nick) have shown towards our daughters, and we believe that they genuinely care about the well-being and growth of each child.Overall, we believe that Freedom is a very good choice for parents looking to give their children a positive and adventurous experience. The instructors are passionate and skilled, and they strive to create a safe and supportive environment for all the kids in the group.
Yvonne IpYvonne Ip
00:05 05 May 23
Enthusiastic and dedicated surf instructors! It’s been amazing to see my son’s progress this year!
Angelica MistroAngelica Mistro
20:45 26 Apr 23
Freedom Surf Camp is awesome!This summer camp is much much more than your typical beach camp. The owner, Gilad and his instructors are alert, smart, skilled surfers and also have fun with kids. They pay attention to each and every kid. They understand how to encourage the kids just the right amount to get them to try new things in the water all while teaching them about the ocean. On these camp days I have seen even the smallest camper get on a surf board. I have seen kids joyfully screaming while boogie boarding. And I have seen kids of all ages play together to build elaborate sand castles. It is the ultimate summer beach week. We’ve been lucky to be part of this camp for years now and my daughter has developed a lifelong connection to the ocean thanks to Freedom.
Melissa DurstonMelissa Durston
20:01 10 Apr 23
I can’t say enough amazing things about freedom surf!Gilad and his staff are wonderful with the kids!Extremely knowledgeable about surfing and ocean safety, and most of all FUN!My son started surfing with Gilad as a beginner about 5 years ago. He’s made lasting friendships and has improved immensely as a young surfer.Another BIG plus is freedom surfs year round! This is NOT just a summer camp! It is so much more.My son will tell you that he 100% prefers the ocean to the land, he often tells me how peaceful he feels in the water.I am forever grateful to Gilad and Nick for their mentorship both in and out of the water. After a lengthy conversation with Gilad I knew instantly that freedom was going to be our surf family.❤️🙏
Nora SkinnerNora Skinner
14:26 27 Jun 17
My kids have been in Freedom Surf Camp with Gilad and his team of terrific instructors for two summers, and they love it. They’re learning how to surf (and learning about water and sun safety) in a fun, confidence-building environment, surrounded by dedicated teachers. Great instructors, nice families and wonderful kids. The kids love the yoga sessions at the start of the day, too!
Heather HeraeusHeather Heraeus
03:59 18 May 17
Gilad and his team are extraordinary! My son has attended camp the past 3 summers as well as the Freedom year round surf club and has found a passion for the ocean and surfing. My typically timid daughter agreed to try Freedom Surf Camp last summer and fell in love. It was her first experience with any organized camp or sport and it was all so positive! Gilad is an ocean expert, and very attentive to conditions and safety. He connects with the kids, and encourages them to improve while having fun, both in and out of the water. Our family completely trusts Gilad and his team with our young children in the sea. Not only does Freedom instill a respect of the ocean but also, inspires the kids to work hard, have fun and be their best selves. Freedom is an integral part of our family's life.
Kelly PeersKelly Peers
05:47 16 May 17
Gilad and his team are fantastic. My son has attended camp the past 3 summers and has been taught to surf in a safe and fun environment. Gilad is an ocean expert, and very attentive to conditions and safety. He gets to know the kids, and encourages them to improve while having fun, both in and out of the water. We will definitely be going back!
Galit ZitunyGalit Zituny
17:18 15 May 17
I had a great experience with Freedom surf camps at Venice Beach / Santa Monica location. It was a blast and I highly recommend for adult surf lessons or for your kids at surf camps. We learn the basics of surfing in a patient and comfortable environment - the instructors made it a fun and worthwhile experience! We will definitely take more lessons, thank to Gilad Lewandovski & his crew who made it happen for our kids at camp and now they are way more ocean oriented and know how to stand on a surfboard.
Jessie MuchmoreJessie Muchmore
04:36 11 May 17
I've been surfing with Gilad and Freedom Surf for almost 2 years and think they're fantastic. I started with no surfing experience and I now catch my own waves.Gilad has been a strong instructor - he instills confidence via his guidance in the water - paddling out, reading the oncoming waves, surf etiquette, etc. Additionally he challenges your ability when you're ready so you progress at the pace right for you. I absolutely love surfing and I know part of the reason is because of the awesome instruction I've received from Freedom Surf.