Share the Shred, outdoor adventures for underserved kids in Los Angeles. With our friends at Impact Circle we are sharing our passion of the ocean with young Angelinos who have less access.

Because we love the ocean, sharing and connecting, exploring our personal limits and our unique landscape. 

What is better than a passion? Sharing a passion. Our Freedom families, young and old, are excited to bring to others: mentorship, personal knowledge, awe of the natural world and unparalleled fun. 

Our Freedom Families are committed to give their time, knowledge and financial support to grow our community.



Fun and passion for the ocean through our comprehensive experience.

  • Feel great in the ocean
  • Learn to surf and boogie board, catch waves
  • Safety – ocean conditions and weather
  • Marine environment and ecology
  • Play beach games and make friends


Join us to Share the Shred. Volunteer, donate and spread the Stoked & Grateful feeling we all share in the ocean.

• Freedom high school students volunteer while earning community service hours.

• Contribute – Help pay our instructors, our equipment and vehicles.

• Volunteer – Yes please, come and join us and see that the magic we share is for real.