“Mommy, I want to become a surfer!“

Freedom After School Program is our commitment to kids who would like to explore their new passion as surfers.

Surfing is more than an activity, it’s a way of life, which is why many kids who finish surf camp want to explore the Freedom Surf Team option. Freedom is fully committed to fulfilling your child’s dream of becoming a surfer. As a leading surf school, Freedom developed this comprehensive program to build a new generation of surfers who are self-empowered, connected to the environment, and challenging next-level surfing.



  • Weekdays.

After having so much fun at camp, it’s time to teach kids more about ocean safety, surf awareness, and ocean conditioning.

During these after-school sessions, we work on strengthening through paddling, swimming, and diving.

  • Weekends.

Weekend are totally SURF focused. Maximizing the surf conditions by scheduling sessions according to weather, swells, and tides, we match each surfing level to its needs. The weekend surf session is a great opportunity for kids to bring their weekday experience to the waves. We pick the best local surf-spot with the best tide schedule and have a lot of fun.

This is also a great opportunity to learn new technical aspects of surfing, such as:

  • Ocean and swell conditioning
  • Recognizing and choosing the right wave.
  • Dropping into a wave
  • Surf ethics
  • Safe duck-dives under a wave with a surfboard.
  • Curving the wave to the left and to the right.




We offer our surfers the regular wetsuits and surfboards from surf camps. But as the kids get better, and we determine that they are ready, we give them the option to use better equipment for their new level, like shorter soft-top boards and fiberglass surfboards.

When the water gets colder, we help parents purchase a 4/3mm wetsuit for keeping the kids warmer for fall and winter surfing.

As the kids evolve with their surfing and ocean safety, we offer them the opportunity to become members of our Freedom Surf-Squad. This group of young surfers travels and competes locally and regionally.

Our after-school program runs year around. Surfing with us never stops. We encourage kids to improve their surfing by supporting them with high-quality surf instructors, customizing the surf curriculum, arranging same-age groups, and offering advanced equipment, affordable fees, and fun, fun, fun.


Sessions are open at:

Fall: Last week of August–End of October

Winter: November–End of February

Spring: Mid-March–End of May