On a mission to create an unforgettable crew experience?

Whether you have special guests, a birthday party, or a company event that needs to create a lifetime memory for your team, Freedom is ready to deliver a spectacular snow activity. If this is your first day on the snow or your crew is ready to shred the local Black, our certified instructors will take your day to the next level of fun.


We use Bear Mountain for our local day or 2-day trip; but, if you have the time to share deeper level of commitment, Mammoth, CA, or Jackson Hole, WY, will be the destination.


We believe in working with you on the specific needs of your family or corporate crew, so once you have decided you are going with Freedom, our special event coordinator will arrange a meeting to work out the details: pick up, transportation, lift passes, rentals, snow guide, meals, rooms, drop off.


Those adventures are custom fit to your requests. Our experience will lead the way for an amazing and unforgettable experience with your crew