This program is for first-time learners or surfers ready to step up their game. Freedom is committed to making sure everyone in your family can surf—not just the kids! We started this program a few years ago, and every summer moms are super stoked to start their own surfing life. Freedom designed a perfect step-by-step learning process that makes it easy to fit your schedule. The program is affordable and offers privates and same-group levels that will gratify your dream of becoming a surfer.


If this is your first time with us, we will start with 1-on-1 private instruction to assess your water safety, ocean knowledge, endurance, and technical surfing abilities. Once we understand your skill level, we will make recommendations for future lessons, whether that means keeping with privates or joining a same-level women’s surf group.

At surf sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Paddle out into the lineup
  • Read waves and swells
  • Catch the waves.
  • Master standing techniques.
  • Understand ocean safety and surf etiquette



We need to keep in mind that our success at making you a surfer depends on a flexible schedule. Understanding that surfing is not like a piano or tennis lesson is essential. Working with the elements is quite challenging since we can’t order the ocean to our needs.

We will usually have a schedule by Saturday for the week ahead. Even though it is not 100%, we will ask you to confirm if these hours work with your schedule. We always aim for best ocean conditions with tide and swell, as these are huge factors in your future success.



Teaching and learning at Malibu will bring your whole mornings  into the highest levels of Stoked and Grateful. Freedom’s Malibu spot is located at the Malibu Lagoon which is by itself an amazing bird & wild life sanctuaries.

The wave quality is on the highest level of any prime learn to surf spot and with the right conditions, equipment and super stoked instructor – your way to become a surfer just got shorter and safer.

• Manhattan Beach

We use Manhattan Beach to teach our new already surfers about new waves and breaks. While Malibu represent our beginners Point Break on small swells, Manhattan Beach will introduce the surfers to a Beach Break which is usually stronger and punchier.

A surfer who is ready for Manhattan Beach Break will usually pass the first and second steps of learning to surf process and now is ready to charge more variety and shapes of breaks.


We use equipment designed especially to meet the needs of those just beginning to explore the wonders of surfing, including high-quality, different sizes of boards and full-length wet suits guaranteed to keep you warm.

When the time comes . . . we will take you to the next level and work with you on a variety of real fiberglass surfboards, training with those until you are ready for your own custom board.