Let’s embark on an epic rafting adventure on the Kern River! Get ready to experience the wild environment of California’s stunning Sequoia National Forest as we navigate thrilling rapids suited to our skill level. With the mentorship of professional river guides, we’ll strengthen teamwork and form new bonds.  

Our two-day adventure will be filled with non-stop excitement, and we’ll camp overnight with our guides right by the river.  

Disconnecting from technology, we’ll have the chance to spot wildlife and create unforgettable memories.  

The Freedom Directors will be there to join and chaperone this adventure, ensuring it’s all about freedom, fun, friendships, and family. Get ready for an incredible journey filled with thrills, natural beauty, and lifelong memories! 


The Kern River

The Kern River boasts a diverse and vibrant wildlife population, thriving in the stunning geography of the region. Surrounded by the majestic landscapes of the Sequoia National Forest, the river provides a habitat for a variety of animals, offering an incredible opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. From soaring bald eagles to grazing deer, the Kern River is home to an array of species that can be spotted during a visit. Additionally, the geography of the area is breathtaking, with towering cliffs, lush greenery, and crystal-clear waters creating a picturesque backdrop. The combination of abundant wildlife and awe-inspiring geography makes the Kern River a haven for those seeking to appreciate and connect with the natural world. 


Date : September 8th , 9th ,10th    

Pick-up / Drop-off Spot –

Day 1   

1:30pm Travel to Campsite at Kernville. 

4:00pm Getting situated and going to dinner.  

9:00pm Going to Sleep  

Day 2

8:00am Meeting up with river guides & equipment On the river 

9:00am Going into our 1st rafting adventure – Jungle Run Class III 

5:00pm Getting back to campsite and going preparing dinner. 

9:00pm – going to sleep  

Day 3  

8:00am Meeting up with river guides & equipment On the river 

9:00am Going into our 2nd rafting adventure – Big Water Class IV 

3:00pm Getting back to van transport and heading back home. 

6:00pm Drop off at spot