There is a big difference between coming to surf camp or surfing in the after-school program and discovering a new surf spot and experiencing new waves and beach cultures. Going on a surf trip with Freedom is a great adventure for young surfers. Beside experiencing our mainstay beaches, Venice, Manhattan Beach, and Malibu, when kids and their parents are ready, we are off to a new California spot like Huntington Beach, Ventura, or San Clemente State Park.

From the beginning, we inspire kids about surf travel and adventure. We make sure in advance that conditions will be right for their level, starting with baby steps but challenging the kids to grow and take responsibility for their actions.

At surf camp and in the after-school program, the surfers’ schedule is totally controlled by surf team director. On our surf trip, we give the kids a little bit more responsibility, and with that just enough freedom to boost their own personal Freedom vibes.

We take the whole day to make sure the kids fully comprehend the surf spot with their surfing abilities. Aiming for the best conditions at the best tide, the crew will gather for a safety talk and surf etiquette reminder. Before charging the main break that is not their local spot, the kids will get wet at the side shoulder for their safety and self-confidence.

Drivers for these trips are usually members of the Freedom shuttle team we use in summer time.

Once the kids are self-reliant enough, we inspire them to challenge themselves, enjoying another great day in the surfing log.

We are always pushing them to the next level, looking for ways to challenge the surfers in safe and fun ways. Our goal is to encourage them to meet their full potential, empower them, help them cultivate new friendships, and find their leadership potential.

As everything in Freedom—these trips need to be earned.

If your children get an invitation, that means we trust them to go with us! Rest assured—your young surfers totally earned it!