Are you enjoying yourself? why?

Gilad LewandovskiFeatured, Surf

Are you enjoying yourself? Why? My curiosity often surprises kids, as a simple “yes” doesn’t always satisfy me.

A surprised individual gains deeper insight, responding unprepared for the unexpected. These moments are elevated at Surf Camp, where the fun environment encourages limitless self-exploration throughout nature.

Every step in life aims for inner peace. The paradox of operating for peace can be confusing. How do we find tranquility amid challenges or stepping into the unknown? It’s a graduation into a state called FLOW, which will evolve action & peace working like a harmony.

Becoming ONE/Flow with a wave/nature , physically and mentally you are giving up on one big thing the moment – yourself.

The one who leaves him/her self, can join another one which is bigger ONE than ourselves.

Like any practice, it’s not about understanding from the mind but, sharing it with your body. The longer you practice, the stronger your whole understands this unique moment.

While practicing, some sparks of flow will be sensed and those sparks will grow teaching you that Action & Peace can coexist within you.

It is addicting, nevertheless we do find it as the best drag in life.