Welcome to the Freedom Surf Team

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Did you get the invitation?

If yes, Congratulation you are ON the way to become a blue rushgard and an ocean ambassador by the Freedom Surf Team.

The Freedom approach

At Freedom, we view our team as a personal unique experience. We foster a non-competitive environment that sets us apart from traditional team sports. Our focus is on personal ocean abilities goals, recognizing that each surfer has their own individual journey and gains from the ocean. We embrace and celebrate this personal connection at an individual level though with the team approach through FUN, STOKED & GRATEFULNES.

The Afterschool weekdays AKA the Cherry on the Bottom

Freedom after school program’s comprehensive ocean safety education, Our surfers will deepen their abilities into the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the breaks and open waters confidently. Learn how to swim with the proper technique, identify potential dangers like rip currents, and master the art of responsible beach behavior.

We’ll equip the kids with the tools to stay safe and enjoy every moment as a surfer through ocean conditioning.

The weekend surfing AKA the Cherry on the Top

This is the fun stuff! After working on our safety and ocean conditioning … it’s time to advance our surfing skills.

We will start by mastering the basics and building a stronger surf foundation.

In the lineup – Study wave dynamics, with the guidance from our experienced instructors.

Consistent practice, focusing on personal advanced maneuvers, analyzing your technique through video footage, and exploring different surf breaks.

All of those will help the young surfers progress.

Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, prioritize safety, and always respect the ocean and fellow surfers. Enjoy the process and keep pushing for  personal goals to reach new levels in your surfing journey.


• 1 day, Afterschool – West Side Marina or Venice / Santa Monica (conditions depended)

• 1 day, Weekends – Usually Manhattan Beach

There will be an option for multiple days for serious surfers  

Time line:

End of August – until the end of October for 8 weeks


TBD but probably close to last year prices


Personal equipment is welcome and the use of the Freedom surfboards and wetsuits is available.


Those sessions are instructed by our Top instructors to maximize the skill abilities, conditions and fun.


Micro Groms 7-10 Beginners 1st season

Micro Groms 8-12 intermediate 2nd season

Groms 13-15 Teens intermediate level