Why recommend Freedom Surf Camps to a friend?

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surf camp for kids in los angeles

Olive (10) & Luca (7): It’s a really great camp. The teachers instruct the surfing really well. it’s fun and you can make lots of friend. Because you get on the wave and go “Weeehoooo” (Luca’s words). You go every day to camp and get the hang of surfing – you try, try and try again

Sloan (10): Why recommend freedom to a friend? At surf camp we swim and run but you build confidence in the ocean and get better at surfing. When you paddle you become more connected to the ocean You learn something new each time and you build strength for camp.

Rani (13): You get to go to the ocean every day and hang out with friends, Learning to swim and surf would get you stronger and faster. Surf camp is a great place to make new friends. You get to learn about the ocean and its inhibiters. Learning to surf is like learning to ride a bike it’s just something you have to do. Surfing is really cool and it’s fun to brag about.

Lucy (15): I would recommend Freedom to my friends because the vibe is really good. Everyone is really nice and friendly. They are fun to learn to surf with. Also I love Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach because the waves are really good to learn to surf on. And the beach is clean. Instructors Nick and Gilad are amazing surfers and coaches. And they have great merch!

Josie (16): I would recommend Freedom to a friend because it’s a great opportunity to learn surfing and make new friends. There is a great community at freedom surf camp and I feel like I made friends everyone there. You can make friends with people of all ages. 

Thank you for the boys & girls who participated in the “homework” we gave the kids ON March 2024.

Looking forward to sea you this Summer at Surf Camps Venice/santa Monica & Manhattan Beach