Elite Academic Academy, Welcome to our Freedom Family !

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Elite Academic Academy, Welcome to our Freedom Family !

We are Stoked & Grateful to partner with Elite Academic Academy this summer. Freedom will provide surf, water safety and ocean knowledge to the Elite Enrichment program.

Elite Academic Academy is a unique online charter school which blends an accredited academic curriculum with an impressive array of enrichment programs such as sailing, dance, music and this year… surfing!

The Elite student will come two afternoons each week in July to learn or practice surfing with Freedom. Besides technique in the water, students will be taking lessons online in the fundamentals of surfing along with oceanography and ecology. On the beach Freedom surf instructors will share their passion for the ocean and the Freedom method for learning how to surf.

Freedom can take any student who knows how to swim and coach them at any level of surf experience. So, if you come to sharpen your level and get better or come to learn for the first time – we are here for you.

The art of surfing is easy with the right conditions and equipment. Freedom has over 15 years of experience with kids of all ages and levels. We are experts at providing young surfers with all they need to make lessons functional and fun and always asking for more.

Our number one rule is: the best surfer is the one who is having the most fun! This rule is essential for any individual sport and any sport with self expression. We teach you what WE love to do… so there is no pressure, competition or expectation other than being yourself and being present in the ocean.

Venice Beach/Santa Monica

This is our flagship camp and perfect for all ages. When you arrive at the Venice/Santa Monica camp the first thing you will see is Owner and Director Gilad Lewandovski, AKA the Man in the Red Hat. Starting with a short introduction to the crew, students will have a safety talk and learn about the day’s ocean conditions, then – let’s surf! Each student is met at his or her own level, supported by a Freedom instructor or the surf Director. The Venice/Santa Monica location is a sand bottom beach break, which is perfect for learning or training in surfing, boogie boarding, body surfing, and ocean safety for swimming and diving. The camp offers shade with canopies and often Hawaiian Aloha music during breaks.

Manhattan Beach

Freedom at Manhattan Beach could not be more local! With our born and raised South Bay crew, Elite students will find themselves right at home with the Manhattan Beach homies who have surfed the same legendary break since they were groms, (kids).

Surfers will meet the instructors on the beach for a safety talk. Manhattan Beach has quality waves, best known for their diversity and shape for all levels of surfers – from first-timers to advanced surfers.

Surf Session Equipment

We use equipment specially suited to meet the needs of those beginning to explore the wonders of surfing and high quality boards in different sizes. Our full length wet suits will keep you warm even on a “chilly” summer day, even more importantly they provide the best sun protection by far. Don’t forget boogie

boards, beach balls for our famous dodge-ball games and yellow rush guards to make sure we keep everyone close to us.

We welcome Elite students to the Freedom Family! If you have any questions… please do not hesitate to: • call us at 310-770-4410
• email us info@freeedom.or