Surf trips with Freedom for the whole family

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Freedom surf camps surf trips and adventure

Surf trips always sound exotic and full of fun. As a surfer I am always looking for the next trip to take in Central America, the Maldives, or the North Shore of Oahu. It is the adventure every surfer dreams and longs for.

A surf trip can sound like a very spur of the moment and exciting experience, but it actually takes a lot of thought and planning. It is essential to look ahead at weather forecasting and surf conditions so that you choose the right equipment to bring. It is also important to look at all of your travel options and to have a plan-b since the ocean and the weather sometimes have a mind of their own.

Our Freedom local surf trips are usually to San Clemente or C Street Ventura. We usually just do a day trip for a full day of fun and surfing. Of course the whole family is invited! Both of these spots are super kid friendly so little brothers and sisters can join in on the fun. This way all the parents and the Freedom Groms are together, making for a perfect day at the beach. 

For the instructors it is a great opportunity to get out of the city and recharge at a surf spot away from their day-to-day stress and obligations.

These trips usually happen once a month, and our goal on these days is to show the kids how much their surfing has improved with all of their practice.

These locations require real surfing abilities, understanding of surf ethics, higher awareness and water safety, and better swimming.

One of the great benefits of our after school surf program is that the kids start to learn how to plan their surf sessions with the tides and gain a better understanding of swell forecasting. They also get to practice ocean safety and their swimming in a lower risk environment with our instructors.

Getting in the water year round not only improves your physical conditioning, but it also teaches you how to interact with the ocean currents, sFreedom family fun day well, tides, and makes you pay more attention to the moving sandbars and reef bottoms.

All of these skills get to be practiced in our after school program. Once the kids are ready a surf trip will create and solidify an amazing memory for life, and a hunger to get better with practice so they can enjoy even more fun and challenging surf conditions.


Are you ready for our next surf trip – it’s happening! sign up to our after school surf program and get ready to go on our surf adventures.