Teen surfing at Freedom

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Teen surfing at Freedom


With a super clean beach, family vibes, friendly locals and awesome Freedom Teen Crew – Manhattan Beach is a surf-learning & practice paradise for any teenage girl or boy who steps away from their screen and gets real!

Manhattan Beach Teen Sessions can definitely fill the gap for the young adults and their parents who are looking for a cool idea for a summer experience. We are super stoked to offer this program with the transportation since we see the success and happiness those ‘kids’ have when they come back year after year.

We offer round-trip transportation from Venice to Manhattan Beach helping parents to drop-and-go at the Venice location.

For this group our instructors work with the needs of young adult riders who are looking for a bit more freedom than we have in the regular camp schedule. The vibes are fun and flexible with surf-style activities – all of course within the safety requirements and away from the younger kids.

How many times have you found yourself wondering what your teenage girl or boy is going to do this summer? “We’re too old for camps”… “We’re too cool for school”… “I’m not a baby”… “I don’t want to surf with little kids”… these are only a few of the answers we all get. I actually hear this at morning sign-up almost every day at camp… haha, those teens really look angry when they see all of the munchkins around them.

In a way I feel a bit sad for them but quickly enough I explain to a disappointed teen that surfing is a self-expression sport… “Even if the little kids are around you on the sand, you are way more physically capable so work at your level to improve your surfing skills. ”Sometimes this is enough, but as teens, they are looking for more! They are striving for a free schedule, to socialize with their own age group, volleyball instead of dodge ball and for the girls, maybe more vegetables at lunch.

The main thing is… they want to be respected and not treated like kids.

The surf experience is at the core of their personal adventure. When surfing they earn a sense of self-achievement without the judgment and criticism they might get in another sport. There is no winning or loosing only pure fun and an amazing feeling of self-expression. They are on the beach and can choose what they would like to do at their level and at the age group’s safety limit.