Surfing Girls & California Sunsets

Gilad LewandovskiFeatured, Surf

Yes, we have to go to school … Yes, we need to do our homework … but, if nature gives you a gift like the ocean – we are sure to say Yes, we have to experience this gift at least few times a week.

The Freedom After School Programs is all about the ocean year around. When was the last time you saw the sunset while you were wet & salty ? … and after a surf session and on a school night?

We start with a sand run, a half mile paddle-out, surfing, body surfing, swimming & diving under set-waves … Only then …  the Sunset looks way more inspiring ha-ha

It’s is the end of October and we are already booked up on our ski & snowboard days for the winter program but, the water is still warm, the girls are super stoked and the parents are committed to seeing their girls make it happen on our Thursday afternoon Ocean Conditioning and of course our weekends are totally focusing on Surfing at best conditions LA county can offer.

Want to join the fun ???