It can the same beach, same break, sometimes the same instructors and then again when it is all girls good vibes, the girls shine on another level. Inspired by style, nature and fun – the freedom Girls are Stoked, ocean experienced and unite by the elements.

The surf sisterhood at Freedom is all about taking the girls on a new adventure, sharing with them the art of surfing, from day one to shredding a solid swell and coming back home empowered, wet & salty.



  • The Weekdays.

After having so much fun at camp – it is time to teach the kids more about ocean safety & awareness.

We use the conditions after-school to get the kids stronger through paddling, swimming & diving.

  • The Weekends.

On the weekend we are totally SURF focused. We totally want the girls to bring what they learned on the weekdays and manifest their training at surf conditions. We will pick the best local surf-spot with the best tide schedule, focusing on the kids level to surf and have a lot of fun.

This is also a great opportunity to learn new technical aspects of surfing like :

  • Ocean conditioning
  • Recognizing and choosing the right wave.
  • Dropping into a wave
  • Surf ethics
  • Safe Duck-dives under a wave with a surfboard.
  • Curving the wave to the left & right.



The Freedom Girls are not limited by locations !

Once you passed the basic surf training and you are water safe, oriented and capable to catch a wave from the lineup. Our Girls Crew will challenge you to surf with us on a year around surf adventures.

We love to learn and practice locally at Manhattan Beach & Malibu but, when we are ready… Southern California is a great environment to explore and to bloom through surfing. 



We offer our surfers the regular wetsuits & surfboards from surf camps but, as the kids get better we give the young surfers the options use better equipment for their new level like, shorter soft-top boards and fiberglass surfboards when ready.

When the water gets colder we help the parents to purchase a 4/3mm wetsuit for keeping the kids warmer at fall and wintertime