Girls Snow Adventure

Gilad LewandovskiSnow

There are some girls who are not into compromising standards of the teen experience.  Each day, they are totally in their life pursuit to make their living more interesting.

You will not find them blending with the so-called cool girls since being cool for them is usually defined by the different point of view at the present moment.

Some of them surf, snowboard, ski, play Rock & Roll and super concentrate on their self’s expression activity. We at Freedom like to hang with those girls since we can see the future generation become more & more connected to the environment, being outside, creative & self-empowering.

Freedom Girls adventures are programmed & designed to give the girls their own canvas to draw their action future.

With amazing women mentors like Lily Sepe and Jordan Wible  – dreaming together to challenge the girls and fulfill their dreams & self-independence.

Our next adventure is planned toward the mountains.

We already connected with some of the Mountain Ladies who can show the Freedom Girls the way on skiing or snowboarding.