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While most of the Freedom kids at summer surf camp will receive the Yellow rashguard, your child will proudly wear their summer Freedom surf camp Blue rashguard, earned through our afterschool program which conduct year around at Santa Monica / Venice and Manhattan Beach.

Wearing the Blue rashguard signifies more than just a color change; it represents a level of achievement and responsibility within our program. Blue rashguard holders enjoy a bit more independence and additional options throughout their time at camp. We view surf camp not only as a week of fun but also as an opportunity for growth in safety, surf skills, and swimming/diving techniques especially for kids who see the ocean as a part of their life.

Here’s what being a Blue rashguard holder entails:

  1. Blue rashguard holders have the option to participate in paddle-outs, while others receive daily briefings on surf camp rules.
  2. Their enhanced abilities often afford them more time in the water, allowing for further skill development.
  3. Blue rashguard holders assist instructors by demonstrating basic learning methods and ensuring fellow campers follow instructions.
  4. They take on additional responsibilities, such as helping organize games and assisting with end-of-day activities.

However, participation in these opportunities is entirely voluntary. We understand that each individual may have their own preferences and interests. If a Blue rashguard holder decides not to engage in these activities or does not see the benefits, we respect their decision. We believe that true motivation should come from within, and Freedom Surf Camps encourage our campers to make choices that align with their personal goals and values as long as safety & respect are in their core.

While the kids challenge themselfs we encourage the others to look at the blue rushguards and of course giving them the choice to join this unique crew to be the future leaders of the spot & the ocean environment.

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