The First Few Days
Learn to ski and snowboard California style! Fun and laid-back, it’s the Freedom Riders way.

The Freedom instructors help develop ski and snowboarding skills and confidence in an exciting yet simple way. At Bear Mountain, the largest beginner area in Southern California, everyone, no matter her/his skill level, will enjoy a complete mountain experience with the freedom to practice, perfect and enjoy the sport.

Skiing and riding is exhilarating, but unfamiliarity with equipment and terrain can cause frustration as well. That’s why we offer a self-paced program designed to help eliminate the confusion of the set-up. Instructors will assist you with equipment rental and the fitting process to make sure that you’re ready to hit the slopes with confidence.

A quick base-area learning session follows, which familiarizes you with your gear and the on-hill program. Only then do you board the shuttle bus to the beginner area. This shuttle ride gives first-timers an opportunity to learn the basics before loading on to the quad chair lift, which transports you to the top quickly, while slowing to a crawl for safe loading and unloading.

Instructors guide a self-paced progression through multiple zones that are sculpted to make learning fun and easy. Specific new skills are taught at each zone and instructors with specialized skills are stationed in the corresponding zones to work with you to learn the skills and develop a comfort level needed to progress on to the next zone.

The First Week
The fun has begun.

Freedom Riders will explore the mountain while gaining confidence and critical snow skills, including:

  • Navigating the mountain
  • Improving riding abilities
  • Learning about different terrain and snow conditions
  • Mountain safety

snow-slider5Riders will develop stability and control while methodically gaining speed and confidence. The goal is to explore different terrain on Blue and Red runs, while learning some basic “tricks,” including 360º’s, 180º’s, basic boxes and riding fancy. Instructors will lead drills to perfect skills while ensuring safety.

IMG_0092Advanced Riding

There’s more to becoming an advance rider than just ability. Serious snow riding means responsibility as well. Whether you’re riding the boxes, rails and jumping kickers, barreling down black diamonds free riding, or just riding and kicking the smallest jump/ramp, safety matters.

The Freedom Riders instructors pay keen attention to their students’ abilities and program director. Gilad Lewendovski personally surveys each individual rider and introduces them to the Bear Mountain’s amazing elements only when they’re ready to ride with safety and confidence. It’s this level of attention that makes learning how to ride with the Freedom Riders so safe, comfortable and most of all, fun!