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SUP, stand up paddling with Freedom XX project – By Sara Price

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

By the end of the paddle board session I thought that my arms were going to fall off. The excitement of learning to surf on a paddle board and wanting to be out on the water kept my arms moving but they were extremely tired at the end of a session with Gilad in Venice. This is the beginning of a journey. This was journey toward a new way to workout, a lifestyle and an addition to my love of all things ocean.


Gilad was a seasoned pro at stand up paddling. I watched his technique carefully as I took in the clear Tuesday October morning with crisp outline of Catalina Island as a backdrop. We filmed some awesome GoPro footage of our time being one with the beautiful water surroundings. My pace with the paddle strokes became consistent and Gilad encouraged me to keep a continuous “plane”, where you feel the connected and contant pace with the ocean. It’s a difficult pace to find, easy to lose and precious for the few minutes that you can maintain the rhythm. Then we decided to try and catch some of the small swell that was rhythmically flowing below our boards….

This is when all the nature chakras become misaligned and you want to punch the ocean in the face.  I felt myself shuffling awkwardly along the board as I tried to aggressively paddle to catch an oncoming wave. Screw form…I need speed. In a frantic furry to catch the wave I lost my balance and took another plunge into the surprisingly warm October ocean. I watched as Gilad caught wave after wave and I kept missing waves, losing my balance and finding myself off the board again. It was fun to be challenged in a new way and after finally anticipating a wave and having just the right momentum I caught the wave and rode it to the shore! This was a brand new challenge and I found myself ready for more.

After the session I felt excited and exhausted. My stress was washed away by the many wipeouts in the ocean and my arms are the kind of sore where you are reminded of the session while reaching for a glass in the kitchen. Gilad was energetic as ever talking about what a great workout we just had but mostly it was a happy Tuesday adventure.

Can’t wait until the next session. Though my body needs a little time to recover…

summer 2012, thank you for sharing the passion – by Gilad Lewandovski

Monday, September 3rd, 2012


It’s hard to believe that summer is over. It seems like just yesterday we took the boards out of the van, set up the swimming zones, yellow rash guards and helped the kids with their body surfing & surfing skills.

Time seems to be irrelevant when you’re being creative and having fun, like we did this summer. When the kids are learning how to identify the swell directions and tides, on some level they are also experiencing the notion that learning can take place anywhere, anytime, not just in a classroom.

We were luck to enjoy great weather and amazing waves. As always, the kids benefited from our enthusiastic crew led by Hannah Stiles (Venice / Santa Monica), Charlie Beck (Manhattan Beach) and Spencer, in Malibu.

This summer we hosted the most international group we’ve ever had with
Venezuela, Italy, Israel, Ireland, and Lebanon! Some of them didn’t even speak English, but they did understand the language of hospitality, kindness and learning Thank you to all our kids for showing our international guests a great time with kids their own age.

In Malibu, many of the kids this summer were brand new to surfing, but with the help of our nurturing instructors, Spencer & Aiden, they were carving the waves in no time and begging their parents to let them come back for more!

Here’s a special shout out to all our crews who helped make each of our camp locations rock as usual:

Venice / Santa Monica:
Crew: Hannah Stiles and her two brothers Tommy & Will, Heather, Noa, and Sara.
Kudos to Hannah for managing her crew so smoothly. I came one time to camp to replace Hannah when she was sick and, I was impressed with how well everything was running. Every day was full of smiles and amazing vibes of creativity, surfing, & boogie boarding. The instructors did a fabulous job for all the levels. Thanks guys!

Manhattan Beach @ 26th St.
Crew: Charlie Beck, Danny Beck, Sara Price & Heather.
The photos from this group say it all. Charlie and his crew took the fun & activities to new level. He kept the kids safe but having fun, while teaching them a lot about ocean safety and respect for the waves. All of the kids became better swimmers and paddlers by meeting Charlie’s new challenge of swimming and paddling to the buoys.

Crew: Gilad , Spencer Wilson, & Aiden Armony.
This crew worked together for the first time and put on a great program for the kids Malibu and San Fernando Valley.
Malibu’s unique waves served our both the advanced and beginner surfers. Even the experienced surfers shredded 3rd Point everyday and improved their skills and artistry. 3rd Point is a top quality point break wave that unique to Malibu in the summer.

NEXT STEPS surfing is right there …
Surfing is a YEAR-ROUND activity!
If your kid liked surf camp, it’s probably because it’s
1. Not competitive.
2. Outdoors!
3. Creativity through action.
4. Building new friendships.
5. Safe environment .
6. Quality instruction.
7. Being Cool! Surfing is just the best.
8. Shapes the body, mind & the SOUL .
9. It is life time activity for your kids & your family.

We invite you to join us and surf with us year around.
On the weekend before our Winter Ski/ Snowboarding program – we will offer a WEEKLY SURFING CLUB.
Join us every Sunday! Click here for more info.

Keep the summer vibe going by surfing with us on Sundays!


Freedom Surf Camp, Manhattan Beach, Week One – by Sara Price

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

The first week of Freedom Surf Camp at Manhattan Beach camp proved to be an amazing start to summer at 26th Street. With a tight knit group of campers and a fun week of activities we quickly became a team. Team Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once). Everyone got up on waves whether seasoned surf camp veterans or surfing newbies, much thanks to the leadership of the awesome surfer and Manhattan Beach Director Charlie. Charlie enjoyed “catching great waves with campers”. Sandro, a new camper this year, said his favorite part of surf camp was “standing up on boogie board and surfboards.” We spent mornings surfing and afternoons playing Nationball, paddling to the buoys, boogie boarding, digging up sand crabs and swimming.
Nationball is a really fun amped up version of dodgeball where balls can come from both sides. We were so enthusiastic, games only lasted a few minutes but we played a bunch of heated matches. Dylan, a team YOLO enthusiast, also loved “surfing in the morning, pizza and yelling YOLO for life.” Dylan bravely ventured into another camp to ask if we could borrow a ball for Nationball. After a successful negotiation he triumphantly came screaming back to camp, ”YOOOLLLLLLOOOOOOO”. This was by far the funniest moment of camp for me, instructor Sara. I may or may not have been rolling in the sand laughing.

The trio of campers Noah, Max and Wyatt were surfing fiends! Noah loved “surfing and paddling out to the buoy.” Max also had a great time paddling to the buoy and liked “body surfing”. Wyatt said his favorite part of camp was “the instructors, surfing, catching waves and Nationball.” We can’t wait to spend more time with these guys this summer! Kaiya, also a new lively addition to surf camp, loved all aspects of surf camp including “standing up on the surfboard, when Danny (beloved instructor) put a crab on the surfboard, when Sara (more beloved instructor) towed me to the buoy, seeing dolphins and Nationball”. Needless to say Kiaya loved all aspects of Freedom Surf Camp and we can’t wait to have her back.

The strand at 26th Street has a workout park that is home to some very fit men doing some impressive pull-ups. So Team YOLO decided we should show them how it’s done. Max has the new camp record of an impressive 5 full pull-ups! Also camp veteran, Adam, at the ripe age of 6 did many pushups and a full pull-up, putting the workout guys to shame. Danny holds the instructor record of 11 pull-ups. Despite getting beat by his young brother, Director Charlie, said his favorite part of camp was “working out on bars.” I see a little rivalry on the horizon for next week!

Ben also liked the counselors but found fun in “arguing about getting pizza” (which we eventually gave in on Monday, because who doesn’t like pizza?). Ben was dropping in on some serious waves all week and loved “surfing in the morning with the cool counselors.” We liked Ben a lot too! Chris went from boogie boards to full-blown surfer dude this week at surf camp. The highlights of Chris’ week included, “ordering pizza, surfing great waves and the cool counselors.” We swear we did not bribe them to say nice things about us, but pizza seems to be a key factor in instructor appreciation! Young Adam and camper Ian become quick friends in the afternoons digging for sand crabs together. They loved sand crabs so much they may have brought a departed surprise home with them…sorry Mom! Adam’s favorite parts of camp this week were “surfing and Nationball.”

Friday was a magical day. The Friday surf conditions were glassy and perfect for campers. We surfed all morning trying to catch some Team YOLO waves. Then a magical surprise slowly swam close by…a family of dolphins with a small baby! After a couple lively games of Nationball, Adam’s mom, Julie, treated our group to some pizza. THANKS JULIE!! Then we were off to do a little Strand workout to burn off those pepperoni calories. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for Freedom Surf Camp Manhattan Beach.


TEAM YOLO for life.

Venice / Santa Monica — Freedom surf camp — week 1 /2012 – by Hannah Stiles

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


WOW. What an incredible week!!! I could not think of a better way to kick off the summer than with the WEEK 1 Venice/Santa Monica crew. The conditions were unreal, warm water, great waves for learning, and the sun even made an appearance through the ‘June gloom’.
It was so great to see the many familiar faces of our Freedom Camp veterans- and it was amazing meeting all of our new shredders. We kicked off the week right- Monday EVERYBODY stood up on their boards with the help of our fantastic instructors: Tommy, Will, Sara, Heather, Wade, Annie, and Gilad (making special guest appearances) . The combination of our crew of instructors, new surfboards, wetsuits, boogie boards and gear, and our week 1 campers was a recipe for an unforgettable week. Although the surfing is always fun, there were some standout moments during camp: everyday after lunch and after the afternoon surf session we gathered as a group and all shared on the topic of the day. One topic that comes to mind was ‘ocean life’, we shared about the local sea animals, and some more exotic sea life from around the world. And every Friday we circle up with the “San Onofre Rock”, pass the rock around and share some of our favorite moments from camp, I’ll let the kids speak for themselves….

Cairo: “my favorite part of surf camp is the feeling of riding the waves”
William E: “I was on a wave and tumbled down under the wave…4 times!”
Max: “I like to wipe out on purpose with Asher”
Nile: “I love to drop into waves”
Tiago: “My favorite part of camp is looking out to the horizon line”
Harry: “I wiped out on my first wave, it was a little scary, but then I had so much fun”
Kenzo: “I like to surf with my friends”
Jameson: “boogie boarding!!!”
Rylan: “boogie boarding with Fletcher”
Fletcher:” I love everything about camp….the drama….the suspense”
Jack: “wiping out is fun!”

Sophia: “ that feeling you get when riding amazing waves, it’s beyond words”
Dominic: “learning about the and ocean, it’s a privilege to be in the water”
Oak: “wiping out on waves, it’s not even scary!”
Jack H: “ surfing with Asher and boogie boarding!”
Asher: “ surfing with the counselors, the counselors are so nice, and I like making new     friends”
Gus: “wiping out on huge waves, and boogie boarding”
Quinten: “Surfing! this was my first time ever surfing”
William C: “getting in the water everyday”
Cy: “ surfing with Gus, and falling!”
Nicholas: “ boogie boarding!”
Ania: “ Sharing my experiences with everyone”
Luca: “boogie boarding with friends, and surfing with Will”
Claire: “learning to surf for the first time, it’s so fun and exciting”
Maddie: “ hanging out with friends and zinc-a-fying ourselves” (zinc-a-fying: Verb- to     apply massive amounts of zinc to ones face before surfing)
Jasmine: “ surfing with friends, and tandem surfing”
Josie: “ tandem surfing with friends and with Izzy”
Izzy: “tandem surfing with Josie”
Lucy: “ hanging out with Sara and Hannah, I stood up on my first wave, it felt so good”
Ian: “surfing with the consoulers having fun, it feels so good to catch your first wave.”
Kira: “ hanging out with my firends”
Gussy: “ hanging out with my friends, looking for sandcrabs, surfing, and making funny jokes”
Ali: “ seeing everyone surf for the first time.”

Thank you everyone for sharing such an amazing week with me, I’m beyond grateful. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and having weeks just like this one :)

Manhattan Beach Surf Camp at 26th street – by Charlie Beck

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Hello Parents and Kids,


We are looking forward to another summer full of surf and sun down here in Manhattan Beach. We have all new boards, wetsuits, and equipment this season so we are excited to get things going. For the Summers prior we were known as Kanoa surf camp, but this year we have changed locations and are going to be known as Freedom Surf Camps.
We also have amazing locations at Santa Monica / Venice and Malibu Surf Rider Beach.
There were many changes in the permit process through the county this year and we lucked out and got what we think is the best location in Manhattan. Our new location is at 26th street in Manhattan Beach, also known as Bruce’s beach.
Its a way better location than 45th street in El Porto, much more quiet with less adults in the water, and best of all its in front of Lifeguard Headquarters – making things extra safe.
The same crew of instructors is still with us and we are all looking forward to seeing all the faces from last summer. Please find the enclosed flyer as an attachment.
You can sign up for camp at
Also, go to to stay updated on our current weekend camps running @ Rose in Venice for those surfers who just can’t wait for summer.
Please let us know if you would like to surf the weekend before summer heat,  we are ready and would love to surf & teach you at your Manhattan most local spot.
You can also contact us at
Looking forward to have a great summer
All of the best and more
Charlie Beck – Freedom surf camps, Manhattan Beach Surf Director

Malibu Surf Camp – by Gilad Lewandovski

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

I still remember the first surf instruction movie I ever saw. It was shot at Waikiki Beach and featured three-year old toddlers in life jackets who didn’t even know how to swim. There was a perfect ripple in the water and the instructors took these novice surfers and had them standing for up to ten seconds! I was amazed…

Cut to years later: I founded my Surf Camps in Israel and then later in Los Angeles. I’d forgotten all about this movie and the “perfect ripple” that even a three-year old could ride. I’d pushed that movie into the back of my mind because I figure those perfect Waikiki waves only existed in the beginners surfing Mecca of Hawaii.

We opened up our Surf Camps in Venice & Manhattan Beach because they provide great conditions for teaching surfing to kids. And then one day, I discovered the most amazing spot, known to insiders as “Third Point” in Malibu’s Surf Rider Beach.

Freedom surf camp in Malibu 3rd point Surf Rider Beach

I had a déjà vu flashback to the Waikiki instructional film I’d seen over twenty years ago. I couldn’t believe that this amazing ripple existed right here near our house, visible only to the folks who protect it – the Malibu surfers.

The Third Point wave is a unique break, perfectly shaped by the seabed and currents to create a calm and safe experience for the young, novice rider. It allows a new surfer to have the most incredible first surfing experience.

So now I know that heaven exists in Malibu and I’m proud to say we’re sharing it with you! This summer, 2012, we will be providing Freedom Surf Camp right there, in Malibu for our riders to enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives.

We’re so happy to be sharing this gift form the ocean with you, our Freedom family. Your children will experience for themselves why the Freedom crew so passionate about surfing and sharing my passion with others.

I invite you to let your kids have an experience that will change their lives, just as it has for me.


Thank you Charlie Beck (photographer), Zoe & Isabelle for sharing the passion with this amazing photos

Thank you for an amazing surfing summer – by Gilad Lewandovski

Thursday, September 8th, 2011



Wow . . . our second day after Kanoa surf camp has ended and we are already missing the kids!!! Our surf camps this summer were full of joy, education, and self-expression.
The three LA locations — Malibu, Santa Monica/Venice, and Manhattan Beach—
provided great opportunities for the local community to share our greatest natural resource — the Ocean.

Kip Jerger, Myself and all of our crew would like to thank you for the support, trust, and amazing time we had with your kids.

So many people participated in the team program this summer, which indicates to us that the kids really enjoyed themselves and found their path through the amazing experience of riding the waves.

I want to thank all of our instructors: Charlie, Hannah, Henry, Alexa, Teddy, Mike , Danny, Teddy, Ralph, Rachel, Calvin, Cara, Peter, and Marlon, all of who did great work mentoring the young groms not just to use the ocean but also to give back and to understand the responsibilities of our community to the ocean.

The Kanoa surf camps & the Freedom Riders program is going to surf year around, and by December will be ready for the Ski & Snowboarding program in Big Bear mountain resort.

We look forward to sharing with the kids and families the great activities we all believe in and are passionate about.

Special thanks to our sponsors : Zarka surf-wear, Body glove wetsuit, Mission Surfboards, Waterman sunscreen, Zelda corner & Toscana Deli.

Gilad Lewandovski
Kanoa surf camps – Director
Freedom Riders programs – Founder


Surfing Venice Beach 2011 week 1 – by Henry Peacor

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011



YABBA-DABBA-DOOOO!!!! The first week of camp is here and I can barely contain my excitement. Unloading all the surfboards from the van, its like we never left. All the little groms show up and already the camp is a-buzz with anticipation to get in the water.

We quickly warm up with some yoga maneuvers led by fellow camp instructor Hannah Stiles before suiting up in our Body Glove wetsuits. By the time we hit the water, our experienced shredders Ethan and Cole are already sitting out deep trying to pick off shoulders from the set waves.

It’s a mellow swell and already the sun is starting to break through the haze from another overcast morning in June. I start on the inside catching whitewash with the little groms while my brother, and fellow instructor, Ralph works with returning campers Luna, Salvador, Ariane and Sophia. I spot Hannah on the beach, holding the can and watching over everyone to ensure our safety. I look around and am thankful to be back at surf camp. It’s going to be another GREAT summer.

The rest of the week proceeds in a similar fashion with a few changes to keep the all shredders on their toes. On Wednesday, we order pizza for the entire camp and it’s safe to say that there was no shortage of tomato mustaches amongst the campers!! Luca definitely caught some extra attention with his sunscreen, tomato paste and chocolate chip face paint. Only at surf camp is such a look not only acceptable but encouraged! We had a great time.

On Thursday, we were pleasantly surprised by a special guest appearance from Bunker, one of our counselors-in-training. Bunker is the MAN when it comes to building beach forts and he definitely lived up to expectations by constructing an obstacle course that challenged everyone (including myself!!).

The week seemed to go by in a flash and before I knew what hit me it was Friday. I was astonished to see 27 campers show up. We were lucky to have counselors Kiki and Teddy come out and with their help Ralph, Hannah and yours truly were able to get everyone on a surfboard for at least a few waves. As is tradition, we had a cookie contest in the mid-afternoon before ending the day with awards and certificates.  Everyone was stoked and as we said goodbye in the parking lot I started to remember the reasons why my last two summers had been so special here.


wow … not just another day of ski & snowboarding with the kids – by Gilad Lewandovski

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

we are so happy to say “ it was not just another day “ and it really wasn’t!
It had all of the potential of a great day: with a lot of sun, no
traffic on the way to Big Bear, enough snow to shred and a full full
bus with kids, teens, instructors and parents!

So … what was different ?

In general I just knew that everything was 100% ready to go! The
instructors where so ready and happy to see the kids and off to the
mountain we went– fast & smooth!
Personally I had an amazing time riding with Lance who is the park &
pipe level 3 instructor. Lance took our highest level of group riders
- Benjo & Amitai – to show them some techniques and secret spots on
mountain. Obviously I love to join his group because I always like to
learn from him. Especially because of his gentle approach to the kids
and their desires … and let’s not kid ourselves … I am a 40 years old

The Highlight of the day for me was instructing Sophia. I have known
Sophia since last spring when our families joined a preschool camping
trip together.
From the moment I saw her I knew she is a girl that likes to explore
the outdoors and challenge herself. There is something in the eyes of
those kids that I can not really define in words but perhaps what I
see is
myself looking back, reminding me of a time when I was 10 years old
and fascinated by the power of the waves and the feeling of freedom
they brought to my young mind.
Sophia was riding and learnig with Ozzy who is a great young
instructor full of smiles and good vibes – very important for the
first day on a snowboard.
I saw Sophia from the lift of chair 6 and thought she might have some
thoughts like “maybe I should stay a skier”? Knowing these kind of
concerns from my 15 years of personal experience,
I asked Ozzy if I can take Sophia for this run. Knowing Sophia’s a
confident athlete from this past summer surfing at Venice surf camp, I
showed her couple of some “old” methods I
learned and developed through my years as an instructor and maestro (
European definition for instructors coach). Knowing each other on a
personal level helps a lot and the trust I have from Sophia was
greatly appreciated.
I will not explain more about instructor methods but, the smile I got
from Sophia in the end of the slope was worth everything for me.

On the way back home it felt great to be able to inspire another kid
again and work one on one with a passionate young rider. One of my
goals it to help the kids create their own path for having fun in the
Which is the greatest way to experience true and balanced life.

So, it was definitely not just another day!

Special thanks to :
• Charlie Beck – Freedom Riders head coach.
• Danny Schecter – In-house Freedom Riders Snowboard
• All of the Big Bear crew

sponsor by :

2011 first day on the mountain with the freedom riders – by Charlie & Gilad.

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Last Sunday was a classic example of what a perfect skiing and snowboarding day at Big Bear should be like. The weather was amazing with crisp blue skies and all the snow you could ask for. Temperatures were warm enough for even the smallest riders. Memories were made and new friendships formed, everybody came together as a group and made it a huge success. Riding up on the bus together, all of the kids and their families were so exited and full of expectations! For many this was their first snowboard trip of the season. When we first saw snow the bus erupted in cheers, which just grew the feeling of anticipation as we winded up the mountain road towards our destination. The movies on the bus were a great way to pass the time and just added to the amazing good vibes and memories.
The Freedom Riders snow bus was full of kids, teens and some of their parents. With a lot of new kids who went skiing/snowboarding for the first time in their life. For a beginner this is the best way to learn – with your friends by your side cheering you on and challenging you to try bigger and better runs. We made sure 3 days before to put the kids in their right age group and level, coordinating with the Big Bear ski school was amazingly fast because of our 4 year relationship with the mountain ski school. Even the instructors had smiles on their face when they saw the Freedom bus arrive.Usually the first day in Big Bear gets a little bit hectic … but, this time like magic – every thing went smooth and the kids went on the slops 20 min after arriving to the mountain. With boots and bindings strapped in we hurried up through the parking lot and jumped on the lifts together. The first moment you feel the lift carry you up the mountain you know it’s going to be a great day.
I personally saw how Maya(12) & Cyara(12) were  charging the boxes with amazing style. Boxes can be scary at times, but they showed no fear and charged the terrain at full speed, with smiles and big eyes peering out from their goggles and helmets. We always stay safe and together on the runs, making sure we don’t miss a single great moment as we fly down laughing and racing all the way. Ian was riding fast and trying to jump off every ramp … Liad saw that and was inspired to charge the boxes too. Nick learned some new tricks and Aaron got so much better!

Riding up the lift with Hunter he told me that he really wanted to try and go off a jump like the other riders, but he wasn’t quite sure of him self and wondered about the best way to do it. I told him that the way to do it was to not be afraid to fall and to know that what one rider can do, another can do also. Strapping on his helmet extra tight we skidded to a stop at the runway to the first jump, with the big boys flying by at top speed, Hunter turned downhill gaining just the right amount of speed, and as I watched he launched off the lip of the jump and flew on a snowboard for the first time ever! What a sight! I was so happy to be there for such a great memory. Hunter was so excited to get back on the lift and try it again. The rest of the day he continued to push his limits and gain experience, sometimes falling but always getting up with a little less fear and a lot more confidence.
By the end of the day Daniel & Jack rode for the first time on life to lift no. 7 and shredded  the slopes before heading home. Sophia & Noa were charging the slopes on skis though Sophia did announced that her mission is to learn how to snowboard. Kira & Bella were ripping together the whole mountain while Benjo was practicing in the half-pipe, he was one of the youngest kids making the vertical drop that takes years for most boarders to attempt.

Understanding the needs of the kids and putting safety in front of everything is essential for having a good ski & snowboard program. Everyone wears helmets and is versed in the rules of the mountain.Even after we separate the groups … after lunch we search for the kids who developed to the next level, moving them up accordingly. The kids who are ready for the more advanced techniques and runs get the instruction they need to avoid the frustration of learning things the hard way. With the right instruction they are able to learn much faster, which keeps the fun level high. Big Bear is all about fun and the Freedom Riders instructors are all about experiencing the mountain with the riders. The skiing & snowboarding goals are to bring the riders to the next level of riding as individual but, working as a group is very important for safety and the communication between the instructor, group and group peers.

As the sun was dipping behind the mountain – temperatures dropped and with tired legs we climbed back aboard the bus. Everybody was so happy with the mountain experience and we were ready for the way back with movies, food & drinks on the bus. The bus ride home was so fun as everyone told their favorite stories and accomplishments to both their old friends and new ones.
Special thanks to Charlie Beck & Dani Schecter who helped on the way and on the mountain, and also to the kids who showed great respect to each other regardless of skill or age.
Looking forward to seeing you and your kids on the next adventure on January 23rd. With such a great trip under our belts things are looking good for another experience where we can expand on the success our first trip this year. With many more to come I’m very excited for next time. See you there!