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SUP, stand up paddling with Freedom XX project – By Sara Price

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

By the end of the paddle board session I thought that my arms were going to fall off. The excitement of learning to surf on a paddle board and wanting to be out on the water kept my arms moving but they were extremely tired at the end of a session with Gilad in Venice. This is the beginning of a journey. This was journey toward a new way to workout, a lifestyle and an addition to my love of all things ocean.


Gilad was a seasoned pro at stand up paddling. I watched his technique carefully as I took in the clear Tuesday October morning with crisp outline of Catalina Island as a backdrop. We filmed some awesome GoPro footage of our time being one with the beautiful water surroundings. My pace with the paddle strokes became consistent and Gilad encouraged me to keep a continuous “plane”, where you feel the connected and contant pace with the ocean. It’s a difficult pace to find, easy to lose and precious for the few minutes that you can maintain the rhythm. Then we decided to try and catch some of the small swell that was rhythmically flowing below our boards….

This is when all the nature chakras become misaligned and you want to punch the ocean in the face.  I felt myself shuffling awkwardly along the board as I tried to aggressively paddle to catch an oncoming wave. Screw form…I need speed. In a frantic furry to catch the wave I lost my balance and took another plunge into the surprisingly warm October ocean. I watched as Gilad caught wave after wave and I kept missing waves, losing my balance and finding myself off the board again. It was fun to be challenged in a new way and after finally anticipating a wave and having just the right momentum I caught the wave and rode it to the shore! This was a brand new challenge and I found myself ready for more.

After the session I felt excited and exhausted. My stress was washed away by the many wipeouts in the ocean and my arms are the kind of sore where you are reminded of the session while reaching for a glass in the kitchen. Gilad was energetic as ever talking about what a great workout we just had but mostly it was a happy Tuesday adventure.

Can’t wait until the next session. Though my body needs a little time to recover…

Sharing the Passion – by Gilad Lewandovski

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011


2011 brings a whole new Aloha vibe to the Kanoa surf camps and the Freedom Riders family! We wanted to share new summer items & special offers with you !

Kanoa Surf Camps are led by Kip Jerger, and experienced ocean lifeguard and founder/owner and Gilad Lewandovski, a lifelong surfer, teacher, snowboarding instructor and outdoor enthusiast.

We are so happy to announce that our amazing camp directors from last year, Charlie Beck, Henry Peacor, and their rockin’ instructors are back for another amazing summer!

Hannah, Ralph, Mike & Danny? Yes kids, These amazing instructors are back on board (literally!) and they cannot wait to take the kids on a new surfing and beach adventures.

We’re also proud to introduce you to some of the new instructors who have come up through our Junior Instructors program. They are so eager to share their passion with the 2011 new groms.


The Beach program – click here

Our Beach & Surf program just keeps getting better & better!  We’ve developed more teaching techniques to further ensure the kids’ safety, to encourage learning, and to challenge each surfer-camper on her or his own level while gaining confidence and competence. We will never push your kids beyond their limits, but we do encourage them to try something new and improve while having a great time.

From years of experience, we’ve seen the small gaps in experience among the young kids vanishes within days as we provide the opportunity to all the kids to develop of skills in safe ocean swimming, boogie boarding, and surfing. Our goal is to impart a lifelong love of the ocean with confidence within each child’s abilities and comfort zone.

When a camper asks to be challenged at his own level, the crew and camp director will come up with a strategy together to work with that child to advance safely.


We take pride in the bond and trust that develops between our campers and trained instructors. Our teaching style is also informed by the Reggio-Emilia educational & philosophy.

Lunch & Snacks

Venice/ Santa Monica  & Manhattan Beach locations:

You can purchase a healthy lunch for only $7, which will include a fresh sandwich, a drink and a cookie. J

We will get the lunches from well-known local spots (such as Zelda sandwiches in Venice Beach ) with a special attention for the kids health & nutrition.

We encourage the parents to send water, healthy food, and snacks with your kids.

Keep in mind that the beach is super sandy and pack the snacks accordingly. We recommend you pack snacks and food in small containers inside lunchboxes to keep out the sand. We will have some supplemental water but be sure to pack your child’s favorite drink and water.

Pack all of your child’s belongings into a small backpack, like they kind they use for school.


Please note that we do not permit energy drinks of any kind!

The Seagulls factor is a well-known around experience campers … with no big explanation – please send the kids with a zipped backpacks.


We take sun protection very seriously! We will apply and reapply sunblock on each child at every opportunity, including: morning, snack break, lunch & more !

From our years in the sun, we are really pleased with Waterman’s sunscreen and are collaborating with them to provide it to our campers through our Surf Camps directors.

Watermans sunscreen is a cosmetic grade, non-slip, zero-migration, long lasting protecting sunblock and will not run in the surfer eyes which is a big bummer when you’re in the water and sand all day! It’s so good, that’s you need sandpaper to remove it (joking, but it is really good).

We will be offering Waterman’s sunscreen to our campers directly at $ 20 + tax for a 3.4 oz. bottle. Ask the camp directors for it.

You are welcome to provide your own favorite sunblock – though be sure that it is at least spf 30 and waterproof. Don’t forget the nose, eyelids, ears, backs of hands, tops of feet and all the usual spots!


I personally believe that life is a great learning experience. I learn a lot of skills and develop awareness and learn life lessons from my passions.

I do not believe in hanging out theories when you can show by doing. I love helping people of all ages develop new passion through self-expression!

Our learning experiences are what build our character and a sense of communal responsibility. This is why I do what I do – in the ocean in the summer and on the mountains in the winter!


Ability creates Responsibility

Passion creates Compassion

Confidence creates Competence


- Respect


Gilad Lewandovski

Director of Kanoa Surf Camp & The Freedom Riders programs.


SUP in Los Angeles can be the right sport for you & your family – by Gilad Lewandovski

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Sometimes a meeting that was scheduled is canceled … someday you find yourself with golden window of free time and even if you are a surfer … and you check the wave report on the net … and “lucky” you  … you find that there is no swell.

Your inside calls you to get outside and change your environment.  You may be looking for a chance to inspire the present with the view of an open horizon.  A break from the color-less concrete.

Paddle boarding (SUP – Stand Up Paddle) is a great solution for those moments when you are sitting there waiting for something to happen … a friend with a crazy schedule that you haven’t seen for a while will not miss an opportunity to be in the water with you if you ask him to share the ride, no matter what the conditions are …

Last week a friend of mine who has a paddle board company came to visit Los Angeles  …

This guy lives in Maui and can not stay far from the water more than … 12 hours!

The first question was … you have couple of surf camps – right ? …where is a nice spot to paddle … in Los Angeles?

I response immediately – Santa Monica or Venice Beach.

“The swell is small right now and if you have an extra board, I would “not mind” to learn some new tricks …”

My friend Nitzan  said … “ I got three boards maybe more …”

30 min later, I met Tim our Music Director.

Tim had a wetsuit but, he has not tasted the ocean in … 8 years …

30 seconds later, and he was ready to go on an adventure with us in front of my house !

Describing Tim’s journey his first time on a paddleboard is too long & deep  to put here in the Freedom Riders Blog.

I will look in the dictionary for the most epic description for FUN.

I had the best time learning and spending quality time with friends, the ocean and a sea lion that checked us out on the SUP board.

What can I say … the rush & the endurance activity reminded me that each time you try a new sport in the outdoors, you understand more about the reachable dimensions that can bring a quality experience to our free time!

The Kanoa / Freedom surf school is offering SUP lessons in the beautiful Los Angeles Bay.

With 3 locations : Santa Monica/Venice -Malibu – Manhattan Beach

With the greatest ALOHA spirit, our Instructors will teach & guide you at your level, starting on flat water, and with the right equipment … all you have to bring is… an open mind … and we are going to change your life :)