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Taos, New Mexico – a secret spot … – by Gilad Lewandovski

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Next winter some of the Freedom Riders are going on an extreme snow trip to … Taos – New Mexico!!!

California can sometimes deceive you …

With sunny days, the beautiful ocean, mountains & life style …

Everybody thinks we are so lucky … and I guess we are.

I wanted to taste something different. I wanted to feel … I do not know what … but the name TAOS – NEW MEXICO did something inside me when a family friend invited us to join them for the last 4 days of the snow season.

Taos is a spiritual place, you can not really describe what is going on, but, as a rider who started out snowboarding in Jackson Hole … Taos was like the young RAD brother.

Forget the boxes, rails, kickers or ramps …a half pipe is out of the question.

Did you come to ride?

This is what you are going to get.

Black Double Diamond is a regular line over at Taos, shuts rocks and long runs through the trees.

Free Riding at its best!!!

The people are most friendly and will help you … you just need to ask.

It is like another planet.

On the last day I hiked with Joel – a local mountaineer, snowboarder, skier & a rock climber, to Kachina Peak 12481 ft and saw … a view that can not be described in words!

The snowboard is only a tool … to experience the mountain. Sometimes we forget the reason why we are riding – Taos will bring back the same old feeling – guarantied!!!

After a small picnic on the top of Kachina, Joel & I took a route down riding the bowl through a shoot of perfect untouched snow.

Couple of amazing turns on a great black diamond terrain can change your whole perspective about riding.  You return to the roots of snowboarding, and the best of the mountain experience.

Taos – I am coming back to ride, and to experience the amazing mountain & the genuine locals who are happily sharing their presence!