LA & OC ski bus first session to Bear Mountain with the Freedom Riders :)


I heard from some moms that their kids were so excited, they hadn’t slept the whole night before going to the snow with the Freedom Riders. I said “Well guess what? I didn’t sleep either!”

Yes, I was so excited for the first day of the season, the adrenaline was overflowing, and the anticipation was high above the extreme level.
And … everything went according to plan – the buses arrived at the right spots in Los Angeles and Orange County, the younger kids and chaperones were on the first bus and the older shredders were on the second. Movies were already playing in the DVD players, we checked off names on the list… and we were on the road!

Maybe it was because I was so busy, but the ride to Bear Mountain felt really short! After we got the kids grouped by age and skill level they were on the snow shredding with their friends! Some were learning on the bunny hill, others on green and black routes … the kids shredded until lunch time!

The older kids (12 years and up) ate in the restaurant while our younger ones ate lunch with their coaches at the Little Bear Ski School.
During the afternoon session, I even took my board out and rode with the first-time snowboarders. It was only their first day on the snow and … wow they were so good … and so young! I just wish I had been a Freedom Rider at that age.

The day was magic and matched our vibes, and even though I did only one run, watching everyone on the snow, happy and fulfilled, filled my heart with warmth! With the help of great guys like Charlie, John, Rami, and Ronny the day was a smooth, light, and fun experience.

Thank you so much to Bear Mountain crew headed by Randy, Mark, Roxanne, and Rae and all the amazing instructors who took their job so seriously with us.

See you next time January 22nd, 2012!

The Freedom Crew
Sharing the shredding since 1995

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