Kanoa surf club/team program – by Gilad Lewandovski



We hope you young grommets have enjoyed surfing with us at Kanoa Surf Camps in Venice/Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach and Malibu.
This has been an amazing summer for the camp, with amazing fall still to look forward to. September and October can bring some of the best south swells to Los Angeles, California beaches, along with warmer water temperatures, this is the best time of year to expand on what we learned in summer before the waves get too big this winter. When summer comes to an end, we don’t want your kids to forget about riding the waves and experiencing the ocean.

We have noticed that your child has a talent in the water and we want to expand on that in a constructive and safe manner. The team differs from camp in that all the riders have already been surfing, these are the surfers who want to take it to the next level.

 Ages 5-7 : this group will be lead by Gilad & Hannah providing more safty skill through swimming, boogie-boarding and surfing.
most of the surf sessions will be conduct in Venice.

this group will surf/boogie/swim while the water is warm enough … usually until the second week of October.

price : $35 for 2hours

 Ages 8-12 : Amateurs team : This age group will be working on carving, duck diving, reading the waves,    understanding the unwritten laws of surfing, using different equipment,Video & photo analysis and  traveling to the best surf spots along with other ocean safety skills.
most of the surfing sessions will be conduct in Venice or Manhattan Beach and more …
instructors : Charlie Beck

The Pro team : This group will use the same locations as the amateur team but will travel more often to other spots in SoCal for experiencing range of quality waves conditions.
instructors : Charlie Beck & Gilad Lewandovski

The team will meet in Manhattan Beach & Venice on Sundays from 10am to 1pm. We are looking for young surfers who want the ocean experience & surfing to be a bigger part of their lives than just a summer camp activity. We handpicked the team based on what we saw as instructors in the camp, this is a special invitation.

The cost for 8 weekend sessions is $400 ( am & pro ages 8-13), there will be a a total of 12 sessions this season to accommodate those who have other activities planned. If you need to purchase individual sessions you can do so at $60 per session. Those who come more will ultimately benefit the most from the continual instruction based on each surfers progress. We want to be there to mentor your child as they transition from beginners to intermediate and beyond.

The team is sponsored by Body Glove, so if you are thinking about getting a new wetsuit for the colder months feel free to check in with us first. It is a great privilege that we are partnered with Body Glove, and so we want to pass that on to our team members.  We want to make sure they are getting the best custom equipment, for the best prices.  We want to form a community that transcends the summer vacation season. So come out and meet the rest of the team members from all around southern California!

September : 11,18,25

October : 2,9,16,25,30

November : 6,13

With a minimum of 4 surfers we will open the  program on Saturdays.

Special events :

September 18th – ordering Team winter wetsuits ( only if needed ) .

November 5, January 8th – going to see the NSSA Jr. surf competition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Gilad, founder of Freedom AOP and the head Surf Director at Kanoa: (310) 770-4410, or you can email us at info@freeedom.org.

We look forward to hearing from you,


The Kanoa / Freedom crew

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